Building a game using pygame

End Goal
Starting the project
Initializing the game window
Updating the pygame window
Global constants for snake game

Introduction to PyGame

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Welcome to the beginning of the first part of this PyGame tutorial where we are going to build a game using Python’s pygame module from scratch.

This series is for the people who are just getting started with PyGame and want to build something from scratch.


You will need the basic knowledge of Python to get started with this series. If you are just starting out we will recommend our Python beginner series.


This tutorial is going to take the hands-on approach so that you can follow this tutorial.

So, I would recommend you to not just only read the tutorial but also do it together. That way you will learn more.

Why pygame?

Very easy to start with

Since with pygame you use Python as your programming language, it is fairly easy to start with. With pygame, you don’t have to create a ton of different files just to create a simple game.

You can write the whole game in a single file.

Sharing your game

You can share your game just by creating an executable file and sharing it with the people. They can just start playing it by installing it.

Installing requirements

We can directly install pygame using pip.

pip install pygame
Hope you are as excited to get started as much as we are.

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