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Updating the pygame window attributes

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There are a few attributes in case of pygame window that we can update. Let’s dive a little into so that we know about all the options that we have.

Update the title

The first up in the list is the title of the pygame window. We are going to replace that with the name of our game, PPO snake.

pygame.display.set_caption("PPO snake")

Updating the icon

We can add an image as the icon of the game. I am going to add the image to a new assets directory.

mkdir assets
You can any 32X32 px image. I took a random snake image from flaticon.

For updating the icon, use the following code.

icon = pygame.image.load("assets/snakes.png")

Updating the background color

For updating the background color of the pygame window you can write the following code in the main while loop.

    screen.fill((100, 100, 255))
It is very important to update the display after we change the color. Otherwise, the change won’t reflect.

The value inside the fill function is the RGB value and you can use any website like this and add a color of your choice.

Updating the pygame window attributes

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